Scholarship Name Category Provided By Prize Amount Deadline
Who Can Apply Type Of Contest
Presidential Scholarships Mega Huron At Western University $100,000 over four years 02/12/21 Academic excellence with a mid-year average of 90% or higher students. Application based. Add To My List
Creative Writing Scholarship Mega Speakers Hunter $3000 01/10/21 Active students of the University or College. Essay. Add To My List
Student Video Contest Video World of 7 Billion Varies 02/25/21 Any middle or high school student. Video. Add To My List
Spotless Cleaning Chicago Scholarship Video Spotless Cleaning Chicago $1000 12/30/20 Any student. Video. Add To My List
New Ecommerce Scholarship Fun & Easy Shop Pirate $1,500 05/31/21 Any student. Essay. Add To My List
Young Filmmakers Contest Video One Earth Film Festival $1,000 01/05/21 Any student. Video. Add To My List
Entrepreneur Scholarship Mega ApproveMe $2,500 12/31/20 College students. Essay. Add To My List
BrainReference Student Essay Scholarship Mega BrainReference $1,500 12/31/20 College students. Essay. Add To My List
Climate Change & Global Warming Scholarship Mega $3000 and an additional three awards $1000 each. 12/31/20 College Students. Essay. Add To My List
Voice Talent Scholarship Mega Voice Talent Online $1,000 01/31/21 College students. Essay. Add To My List

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The funding programme supports new, transfer students and continuing students who want to pursue undergraduate degree coursework at the Department of Music for the session 2020/2021.

Kickstart your studies in the world of music by joining this Musicians Institute Melodic Soloing Guitar international awards in the USA for the session 2021/2022. The grant is generously funded by an MI Guitar Program alumnus. The funding programme supports domestic and international students who demonstrate outstanding musicianship and expresses their own unique melodic voice as a soloist on the instrument in any musical style.

This educational award is available for high achieving students and has a motive of helping them to begin their studies at the University of Findlay.

To help students financially, CryptoRunner is proud to announce its CryptoRunner funding for the session 2020/2021. Students can apply for this application in the U.S., Canada, U.K., Australia, or another country The grant is available to highly talented students who write a master's thesis or studying abroad. Students will receive one scholarship per semester of $500 each.

Scholars program is open to high school seniors planning to pursue science, technology, engineering or math (STEM) at a four-year college or university on a full-time basis. Applicant must also have at least a 3.0 GPA and live in the Southern California Edison service territory.